How many ISP units does Jetson Xavier AGX and Xavier NX has?

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I have a doubt about how many ISP units does Jetson Xavier AGX and Xavier NX has?

Do Jetson TX2, TX1, and Nano platforms have more than 1 ISP unit?

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Do you means the ISP HW instance?
As my understand TX1/Nano have two ISP HW unit but TX2/Xavier/NX have only one.

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My question comes after working with NVMedia Framework on NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform. On the nvsipl_camera sample, they expose an ISP0 and ISP1 outputs (See the following link for your reference:

Considering that NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform has two Xavier AGX units one master and the other slave, I got the doubt if the the ISP0 and ISP1 mentions on the nvsipl_camera sample refers to two ISP units/instances in each Xavier or if ISP0 corresponds to Xavier_A and ISP1 to Xavier_B?

Base on that I will spect two ISP HW instances in each Jetson Xavier AGX platforms. Could you please clarify that.

Xavier have only one HW instance, the document maybe just software pipeline diagram.
But I don’t think how many HW instance does matter. The matter is how many sensors can be supported right.