Jetson AGX Xavier - ISP Throughput

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can somebody from NVIDIA give me an official number for the throughput in GPix/s for the ISP in the Jetson Xavier? I was looking everywhere but could not find a value in the official documentation.

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Have a reference to below topic.

Hello ShaneCCC,

thanks for the answer. However, what I’m asking for is the maximum throughput of the AGX Xavier’s ISP. So, how many GPix/s can we process? (if we don’t run into the resolution limit for one camera, like you referred to).

The Jetson TX2 Module Data sheet, for example, explicitly states:

1.4Gpix/s Advanced image signal processing: Hardware accelerated still-image and video capture path, with advanced ISP

Is there an official number for the AGX Xavier?

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hello mrorelmy,

please access Xavier TRM via download center,
you may refer to [Chapter- Performance] for the description about Xavier’s ISP.