How much latency does USB wifi add

How much latency does a USB Wifi adapter add vs the ‘card’ wifi that plugs right into the board:

will being USB add 100ms latency? has anyone compared?

I don’t have answer due to never done any test like that, may other developers help to share experiences.

No clue as to the real answer, but if USB polls at a maximum rate of 1000 Hz, and if your USB device is the only one on that root hub, then you are guaranteed that USB adds 1 ms latency. Realistically you would expect this to on average add 2 ms latency.

There is no way to predict the WiFi side, but this would be a huge addition to latency compared to wired networking. The latency added would far exceed the 2 ms latency of USB. Even though USB itself might not be operating at its best and might add 4 ms latency I would expect WiFi to completely swamp this latency. You probably need to test it to see if it suits your needs.

Incidentally, if you were to state what your needs are (a use-case would help), then someone might have an idea of what would “do the job”. As currently stated the only people who can answer are the ones who use that particular WiFi device, but even this might not be accurate since this would also depend on local noise and the band chosen and the WiFi router as well.

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