How to 4get k monitor @ 60hz?


I own a 4k monitor for the last week and I’m wondering how to make it work at 60Hz. The monitor is advertise as 60Hz: ASUS PB287Q. It’s currently connected with a displayport cable. I’v configure the monitor to run DisplayPort Stream 1.2.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (76.6 KB)

You won’t get 60Hz with that video card (nvs 5400M). It is only DP 1.1 going by the 480 Mhz max pixel clock listed for the 3 display port connections where as DP 1.2 would be 960 MHz max pixel clock.

Even most geforce gtx 600 series laptops do not support DP 1.2 (some do) my macbook pro retina (early model) does not. You want a note book with a newer (if geforce generation, 700 series) graphics cards for 1.2 suppot.

Most geforce 600 series desktop cards and above will support DP 1.2.

I have a Thinkpad W540 with a Quadro K1100M graphics card which supports DP 1.2. When connecting a 4K monitor (Philips 288P6LJEBI) I should be able to run it with 60Hz, but unfortunately it only runs with 30Hz. I am using Kubuntu 14.04 with NVIDIA x86_64 Kernel Module 343.22.

Any ideas?

What would help is if you posted your nvidia-bug report log file like the original user who posted in this thread did. Also I am not super familiar with that monitor. Its 28 inches so I am guessing its a 28 TN panel like the samsung and other SST panels but if its not then in the menu of the display itself there should be an area to set the display up in MST mode which would be needed for 60Hz.

Here is the nvidia bug report log file.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (198 KB)