How to add robot engine bridge joint control to TM5 robot arm correctly?

I try to adding TM5 into Isaac Sim, i success add the model into Isaac sim using the urdf from here. /viirya/ros-driver-techman-robot/tree/master/tm_description/urdf

I hit error when try to add REB_JointControl, anything documentation or advise to made simple joint control work?

and where i can share this usd and codelet to the community once it is done.

Hi Yoeyat,

You are trying to control the robot through Jupiter notebook via Isaac SDK, correct?
If this is the case please ask your question in the IsaacSDK forum, since the control part happens there.


this question relate to Isaac Sim.
need tutorial how to add joint and available to Rbot Brigde Engine

Hi yoeyat,

Do you still have this issue?
Did the Isaac sim doc on robot engine helped?


yes,thank you for asking. the issue is remain.
Can’t find documentation on how to add custom joint in USD and RobotEngine, so the python program cannot found the related joint when i try adding new robot arm into omniverse isaac sim.

I have the same question, how to add robot engine bridge(REB) tocustom robot? @ltorabi

@yoeyat when you make REB_JointControl you need to use the Relationship Editor under Windows->Isaac->Relationship Editor. Click on the REB_JointControl and then set the articulationPrim reference to /tm700. This will tell the REB_JointControl component which articulation you are trying to control.

Also if there is a REB_JointControl on the ur10_basic in the stage with the same channel names they will conflict.

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Thanks for replying and your answer solved my problem.