How to automate oem installer on first boot or avoid it alltogether?

I am currently working on automating the generation of our AGX Xavier images. The idea is to have a script that always starts from a vanilla image from Nvidia (Tegra flashing tools and L4t sample rootfs). Run then chroot into the rootfs with qemu in order to preinstall our software and configure the system (remove x11 related stuff to run headless for example). All scripted. That rootfs is then packed into an image or tar ball ready to be flashed to many Xaviers,.

The problem is that when I flash the Xavier and boot, whether with HDMI attached or without, I get error messages about the OEM installer failing to run. I already created users and set the hostname from chroot, so I don’t need it to do it for me. How could I avoid this OEM installer and automate the process of accepting L4T EULA.
Or is there a way to trigger that OEM installer from chroot environment?


I don’t know if this is enough, but check this URL:

The above is basically how the l4t_create_default_user script works.

Yeah, that is exactly what I have been using (this script GitHub - mdegans/enter_chroot: embedded development chroot entering tool) But still the xavier wants to run through the licence accepting and initial boot setup steps which I don’t want.

The l4t_create_default_user script should complete first boot setup. I am wondering if the Jetson flash did you use this modified rootfs/ during flash. Once that script was run, did you flash the Jetson? If so, did you do so on command line, or via JetPack/SDKM? If on command line, what command did you use to flash?

Oh I just realized there was a link on that post to another post where someone provides that Will try it out thanks

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