Xavier - can not install JP 4.3 OR 4.4


I had a perfectly working Xavier DevKit this morning, working with it for the entire last year. I decided to upgrade. After 1 day of fighting - no success.

I get pass the initial burning phase, then got (in the device - see screenshot attached):
A start job is running for End user configuration after initial OEM installation …

Any ideas ? If the FS is corrupted, is there any way to fix it before installing ?

Did you have a keyboard/monitor attached during the flash? Looks like it wants to complete the first boot setup. If this was attached already, then there is an issue…but if not already attached, try flashing with those in place. The system wants to create a user login on first boot.

Alternatively, you can use the “l4t_create_default_user.sh” script (using sudo) on the host PC prior to flashing (which pre-creates that login account).

Problem solved:

– The device had an m2 disk. I had to take it our (physically) before install. might be solvable by software too (mount table?).
– I had to delete the “nvidia” folder on the host, and re-install all on host.

Thanks for the help !