Bypassing OEM configuration wizard with SDK Manager CLI

I’m trying to build a shell script to allow for simultaneous/automatic noninteractive flashing and installation of Jetson Xavier NX’s, however I need to specify a hostname, username, and password for this. I’ve seen the examples on Nvidia’s website showing the option to select in the SDK Manager GUI, however I can’t find any information on this for the CLI.

You can use script under your Linux_for_Tegra BSP folder.

This will create default user in your rootfs before flashing.

Will this apply the same settings to every Xavier flashed by that machine? If I wanted to flash multiple jetsons with an iterator in the hostname would you recommend running this tool between each one and updating the hostname each time?

It will apply the setting to your rootfs. So if you flash every jetson with same rootfs, then the user name will be same.

So you need to update it everytime.

The response file can be found on your host side with path:


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