Create custom password/username after flashing

I am trying to automatize the flashing of a Jetson TX2. I am able to flash it correctly and connect to it by tty with screen. However, I’d like to automatize the initial configuration (username/passward/host/language/country…) so i don’t have to do it manually every time I want to flash a TX2.

I am flashing the jetson with a docker image slightly modified from which is the optimal way to flash it for my purposes.

Thank you in advance.

Please check the jetson nano FAQ on nano forum board. I put a script there and it should work for all platforms (tx1/tx2/xavier/nano).

I am using TX2 with Ubuntu 18.04 and this script is still not working. While executing the sh I don’t get any errors but still i still require new username and password after flashing. I also tried to change the files in rootfs/var/cache/debconf/ for an already configured TX2 with all the desired settings and still doesn’t work.

I just tried this script on my ubuntu host and re-flash my TX2. There is no asking for system configuration.

May I know your step and commands?

After running the script inside the Linux_for_Tegra i flash the jetson with a docker image with:


The flash works but when I connect via screen I require the initial ubuntu configuration (that is what I want to automatize):

sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0

I am not very sure about what is the output from ttyACM0. What do you see from ACM0? The serial console?

After the flash I see the usual set up of linux, the same that can be found in

However, this step is the on I want to automatize and skip.