Can I set the custom account on first boot??

I flash the Xavier by sdk_manager.

I need to set the account and password on every first boot.

Can I set the custom account before flashing the platform??

I want to see the login screen after the first boot.

Within the flash software on the host you will see subdirectory “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/”. The content of “roofs/” is almost the exact copy of what goes into the image created for flash. Basically only the boot-related content is edited. If you happen to have this content already filled in, then any of the password or other configuration files in that directory can be modified with your own password or config file and it will propagate.

As an example, if you were to set up a Jetson with the accounts you want, and then copy the password and group files (and perhaps any home directory content) to “rootfs/”, then this would be replicated. Beware though that this includes passwords, and if you’ve put ssh keys in, then those too replicate.

Hi linuxdev,

ok, I got it.

Thank you.