Unable to configure the user name and password

Hi Team,

I have flashed L4T 32.6.1 in AGX Xavier custom board using flash scripts . After flashing i am not getting configuration settings option for setting user name and password during the first boot. device promoting for local host login and password, but i didn’t set anything previously.

attached screenshot showing logs on serial terminal and prompting for localhost login.

Any idea on this?

Reflash it again, boot up with hdmi connected and see if the GUI will ask you to set user account.

If you don’t have monitor ports, then we need to try other methods.

I have re flashed the device and connected DP monitor. I can see some logs on the GUI but the user setup option is not coming up.


Do you have devkit?

yeah, I have AGX Xavier Devkit. I will try in that.

Let me know if i need to check any other things

Any update after tried with AGX Xavier Devkit?

Is it still an issue to support?


Issue is not seen after re flashing.

Thanks for the support.

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