AGX Xavier password reset

I am new to AGX Xavier platform. So kindly excuse me for my stupid question.

I am struggling to login to my device.
I bought Jetson AGX Xavier board.
I connected monitor via HDMI, mouse + keyboard connected.
Jetpack is yet not installed.

I powered my AGX Xavier which was used by another person who left the company.
how can I reset the password or reset the device? Kindly excuse me for this stupid question but m new and struggling to get use to this platform…

Help will be highly appreciated.


Sorry for the delay is responding, but your topic was posted in the wrong category. I am moving this to the Jetson AGX category for visibility.

Tom K

Hi vnawani,

Reset username/password on Xavier desktop GUI:
System Settings -> User Accounts -> Password

You can also use SDK Manager to install JetPack, it will reset the device and reset the username/password.
SDK Manager reference page:

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