How to cancel the solid state drive to start the system

Hello, I inserted a solid state drive and configured solid state boot, but now I don’t want to boot from solid state, disable setssdroot.service, but it still boots from solid state, how can I configure it?

Is it rel-32 or rel-35 release?

Both versions are in use

Please set up the serial console and interrupt the boot process and change the boot order.

I use the two scripts and to configure the SSD to start the system. Entered using uart and switched the boot sequence, and finally booted the system from the SSD.

Hi, is there any way to deal with this issue?


I don’t know what are and But if you just don’t want to use that ssd, just remove it from the boot order.

If you don’t know how to do that, then please tell us which part you don’t understand.

I don’t understand what is the problem here. You already entered UART to change boot sequence, then why not change it again?

Remove SSD boot from boot This is how to set it up. But I’m also very sorry, I always thought that these two scripts were officially provided porting scripts, it seems that it is not. I’ll study it myself later, thank you.

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