how to compile pcl and vtk on TX2?


I want to display the pointCloud used pcl and vtk on qtdesigner ,how can I compile the pcl and vtk?

and I want to the version of pcl and vtk ,I has compiled the vtk,when I compiled the pcl ,the error that was

inernal error was occured,but I could compile the pcl alone successed.

Thank you!

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What are the exact source code downloads you are using for the compile? What is the exact L4T version you are using (e.g., “head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”)?


The exact L4T version is 3.1.

I solved the problem by trying a lot of ways,this error is caused by insufficient memory .

thank you !

Hi, lihuayang

Can you give me an explanation? I’m doing the same job, but I can’t find the Qt5UiPlugin file in qt on tx2 and can’t compile VTK.