How to configure Nvidia-535 for X11?

I am trying to find a way to support Nvidia drivers (535) on a Linux bootable RAMdisk. I have created a Linux distribution from scratch, much like any distribution. The purpose of this light Linux distro (based on Jammy) is to execute applications inside a kiosk. Some applications require high performance graphics.

Most existing distros use Nouveau drivers in their public images, but these perform extremely poorly on newer RTX cards. Nvidia drivers are openly available in Ubuntu and some of my clients use RTX cards. So I tried making a bootable ISO that has these available Nvidia drivers.

The problem is that my project runs on X11 and nvidia-xconfig does not do anything nor does nvidia-xrun or nvidia-settings. I know that nvidia-xconfig is outdated, and I cannot find out how to use nvidia-settings with the current configurations. nvidia-xrun seems to turn the screen off just like startx.

The Problem
This brings me to my question: Is it permitted and possible to ship a Linux bootable ISO with Nvidia drivers provided by open source repositories?

If not, how else can I support newer RTX cards in my image? Nouveau drivers are very inefficient.

If so, how do I make X11 run properly without the need to reboot? My process has been running through files until my EErors and WWarnings are gone.

Since I work from scratch, I do not have a session or display manager like LightDM or GDM. I run applications with X11 through Openbox and custom Xsettings. I have managed to fix the ModulePaths and get most of the modules loading, though I am not able to see anything after using startx or nvidia-xrun, meaning I cannot run an xrandr --auto.

I could supply X11 configs or logs if necessary.

2.1.2 Linux/FreeBSD Exception

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.