How to connect SSD to Jetson Nano


I don’t know if this question has been raised once before, as there is no search option in the forum.
However, I would like to attach an SSD to my Jetson Nano, but couldn’t find any good solution.

Please help me to get it right.

Best regards, Zoltan

Hi Zoltan, the easiest option would be to use a USB3->SATA dongle. Some other users have done that with good results.

BTW there is a search feature on the forum, the little magnifying glass in the top right. After you search, you can choose advanced options like filtering by forum board.

Dear Dusty,

Thanx for the quick reply, sorry for the search “thing”. It seemed as it would be the website search, so I didn’t try.

Have a nice day, Zoltan

There is a video on youtube using a SSD USB Drive with the Jetson Nano at:

I didn’t hear this discussed in the video…Is the Nano able to power the drives ok through the USB port or should one use a powered hub?


It powers the SSD without any problem.