Raspberry Pi 9-port USB 2.0 High Speed hub with nano


Is it possible to use http://www.raspberrypiwiki.com/index.php/X150 with the Jetson Nano ? Can I power the Jetson Nano like in the above case with powering the USB hub and then via the JST XH2.54 connector ?

Or is there another way I can extend the number of USB ports ? I need to attach 3 USB cameras and 1 CSI camera to the Nano is this possible ?


Power supply of Jetson nano is rate as 5V @ 4A, your choice should follow that no matter adapter or other type power supply.
You can connect hug to any of the USB port to extend it.

No, I think the above is reverse. The USB HUB gets a power via a barrel connector and then powers the jetson nano ?

I don’t think that could be working for nano.