How to control the fan to run all the time

How to set the parameters of the fan? Stats cannot set it

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Hey ! nothing is clear with NVIDIA you have plenty of documentation and nothing is clear it is a mess. So let me tell you what to do and you will thank me later .

  1. First, I suggest you to save the normal state of the fan and the CPU/GPU frequencies in a file by running this command: “$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --store” by default it will save them in ~/.jetsonclocks_conf.txt but you can change the directory by running this “$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --store your_directory/your_file.txt

  2. Second, run this command “$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --fan” and the fan will turn at maximum speed.

NOTE: if you want to get back the normal state that you saved you can either reboot your host or run this command if you don’t want to restart and loose what you are working on.

  • run this if you saved by default “$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --restore

  • run this if you specified a directory/file location "$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --restore your_directory/your_file.txt"

you can run also “$ sudo /usr/bin/jetson_clocks --help” for more options and see the state of your fan.


When I tried all the methods and couldn’t make the fan run, I took apart the shell of Orin and found that the connecting wire of the fan was crushed! Thank you all the same!

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Hello, thank you for your explanation, it helps me too.

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