How to disable SMMU in Jetpack 4.2

Jetpack 4.2 file tegra186-soc-base.dtsi is much different than earlier Jetpack versions. I have tried numerous modifications, but have been unable to disable the SMMU for my PCIE. Can anyone help?


Delete following properties under pcie-controller@10003000 node.

            iommus = <&smmu TEGRA_SID_AFI>;

#if LINUX_VERSION >= 414
iommu-map = <0x0 &smmu TEGRA_SID_AFI 0x1000>;
iommu-map-mask = <0x0>;


May I know how to generate the dtb and flash into Tx2?

Instructions to generate DTB,

Instructions to flash kernel and DTB;
Use “-k kernel” and “-k kernel-dtb” to flash kernel image and DTB respectively.