How to disable UEFI setup screen?

Hi Nvidia,

I following the post to set the Auto Boot Time-out to 0.

The boot time became faster. But it still can enter to UEFI setup screen when I press ESC.
Can I disable completely to avoid user entering it?

Hi Wilson,

PlatformRegisterOptionsAndKeys () is used to register the platform boot options and its hotkey.

You could comment out the following line in UEFI to prevent entering to UEFI menu.
edk2-nvidia/Silicon/NVIDIA/Library/PlatformBootManagerLib/PlatformBm.c at r35.3.1-updates · NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia · GitHub

Thanks it’s useful.
But it has no nvidia logo now. Did I do something wrong?

Do you have other modification in UEFI?

Or you could remove ESC and F11 registration in PlatformRegisterOptionsAndKeys () instead of removing the whole function.

I just comment the function.
I’ll try the second way, thanks.

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