How to do a clean uninstall of Workbench

Hi, I wanted to switch from Docker to Podman and try uninstalling Workbench.
However can’t get to that step anymore. When I manually removed the local workbench folders, I get this error: “Something happened, please contact support or try restarting the application and installer.”

Hi qazs,

Please use the following template so we understand what your particular setup is and can troubleshoot accordingly: ISSUE Template: Use this template to submit an issue

For Windows,

wsl -d NVIDIA-Workbench -u root – /home/workbench/.nvwb/bin/nvwb-cli uninstall --uid 1000 --gid 1000

wsl --unregister NVIDIA-Workbench

For Linux/MacOS,

sudo $HOME/.nvwb/bin/nvwb-cli uninstall

To reinstall, make sure that the workbench service is not running. For example, you may need to kill any processes here

ps aux | grep wb-svc

then re-run the installer.

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