How to enable DP0 display in uefi on NX module?

Hi Nvida,

We have a customer carrier board with default output using DP0 display .
There is no display output until kernel boot up. Due to no display output, we can not do any change on uefi menu.

Would you kindly show me how to set DP0 output on uefi stage??


Here is a test patch to enable UEFI to support DP. But please be aware that this is just an test one. Official one will be in next release.
patches.tgz (103.7 KB)

Hi Wayne,

after update nvdisp-init.bin and patch UEFI and kernel dtb files.
uefi can show on dp port successfully,
but there is no DP output after boot into kernel stage.

due to original dtb can show DP output, we tried not to patch kernel dtb , only update nvidsp-init.bin and UEFI only,
the result is : uefi DP display successfully , but will show exception then system reboot(didn’t enter kernel stage)

no idea why there is no output in kernel stage.

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