How to enable Multi-GPU on create APP?

I can’t find the way to enable Multi-GPU, and where can I add this value to Create , like these" Enables the use of multiple GPUs in path-traced mode (when these are available and enabled at startup). Multi-GPU must be enabled at startup by passing adding –/renderer/multiGpu/enabled=true to the command line."

If you have multiple RTX cards in your machine, Create will automatically detect and use them. Under RT/PT Render Settings there is an MGPU checkbox toggle.

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Thank for your reply, but , we can’t found the MGPU checkbox on create newest version。 there are 2 RTX 2080 cars in our workstation。Could you help me to take screenshot for me . thanks lot!

mgpu checkbox under path traced render settings
Do you see both GPUs under device manager?

This is possibly a limitation of the 20 series.

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