How to enable receiving multicast packets in u-boot

I have not been able to receive IPv4 multicast packets (MAC addr: 01:00:5e:xx:xx:xx) in u-boot on the patches-v2020.04-l4t-r32.4.3 branch of nvidia u-boot. I have verified this by placing print statements in the ethernet driver dwc_eth_qos.c in the eqos_recv function.

Something is preventing the packets from coming through. Does anyone know how to enable the reception of multicast packets in u-boot?

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What is the purpose for doing this in uboot?

We need to receive multicast packets in u-boot in order to determine what application to boot into.

Looks like the kernel function config_mac_pkt_filter_reg() in /eqos/dev.c in the kernel has the functionality I am looking for. Will setting to promiscuous mode allow the reception of multicast packets? Where should I write to the reg in driver initialization in u-boot?

Sorry, we never done that, never worked much with the network drivers in U-Boot.