How to get the smart record file name in the call back function

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) Tesla P4
• DeepStream Version 5.1
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)
• TensorRT Version
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only)460.73.01
• Issue Type( questions)
• How to reproduce the issue : Question
( Here are some of few configs details:
smart-rec-file= ********
The total number of streams is 30, Drop Frame Interval is the same for all ).**

**• Requirement details:
Two files are created one is for images and the other is for videos which I get from the smart record once an event occurs. As smart video takes some time to record and then generate the file, in this due course, the smart record file name is changed and I cannot get the file name in the same function. The file naming convention of both image and video is the same ie ABC-month-time.
I need to fetch the exact name that the smart record is currently processing so that I can write it to a JSON file.

What do you mean by this sentence?

I am doing video analytics where I want to capture the event in image format and video format. The smart record takes some time to record the event video and then generate the file,
The problem resides in the log generation where we get the correct filenames of the smart-record mp4 -containers when we use a single source and sink, but when we try to run the 15 or 30 streams on the GPUs the filename do not match with the video filename generated in the log file. We have used the below format
cameraname-log generation number-date-timewithnanoseconds.mp4.
Here the only part that doesn’t match is the nanoseconds in the filename or sometimes the log generation number
I need to fetch the exact name that the smart record is currently processing so that I can write it to a JSON file…

The file name is created in NvDsSRStart() function, so you can get the file name right after NvDsSRStart() is evoked.

I have the exact same issue. Do you have more details on how this can be achieved.
Here is my scenario: There are 30 streams running in one analytics group each detecting a scenario and creating an image and a smart record at each detected event. I need to populate the name of the image (which is running fine) and the name of the smart-record (not working as instead of getting/ setting the filename in NvDsStart I was constructing the same using fileprefix + CameraID + PID + Date .mp4 or mkv). Around 70% of the time I am able to predict the smart record file name but 30% of the time it misses. Since I need to write the Smart Record filename in the event I cannot wait for Smart Record to finish.
Is there an alternate way I can get the filename the moment I invoke the NvDsSRStart?

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