How to install cudnn, cuda, L4T drive packages directly on the Jetson without Host and Flash ?

Hi, is it mandatory to do Flash Jetson TX1 or TX2 using Jetpack and then install udnn, cuda, L4T drive packages?
Can’t we install cudnn, cuda, L4T drive packages,directly on the Jetson without Host and Flash?

Technically speaking you could run JetPack just to add extra packages…but there is a catch. The versions from different JetPack flashes are not compatible with packages from other releases. So you do need to flash if your Jetson is using a different release than that of the packages provided with that JetPack release.

The R21.7 release was a far higher quality release than the shipping release, so you’ll probably be much happier with that release. The last version of CUDA made for 32-bit was CUDA 6.5. This is fairly old as is…if you go to earlier releases of L4T, then you’ll be even further in the past.