how to install ros kinetic on jetson nano?

how can I install ros kinetic on my jetson nano ?

ROS Kinetic uses Ubuntu 16.04. Jetson Nano supports Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic. I haven’t personally seen any issues migrating from Kinetic to Melodic, pretty much just a recompile of your app.

Here are the instructions for installing ROS Melodic:

Recommend installing ros-base (ros-melodic-ros-base) as opposed to desktop-full.

I used a docker container to run 16.04 on the Nano. You can run the container with GPU access using nvidia-docker once jetpack 4.2.1 comes out in a few weeks. Otherwise you will be able to find community built wrapper scripts to run docker with GPU access.

However if you dont need the GPU you can use docker regardless and still work in a ubuntu 16.04 environment.
I built ROS-kinetic on my Nano this way.

Good Luck!

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Hello Akrolic! I will use ROS Kinetic on my Jetson Nano, so can you show me more details about how to install ROS Kinetic on this? Can you give me any link or tutorial to build it, how to get docker regardless? I really appreciate! Thank you very much bro!