How to interface servo driver to Jetson TX2?

Hello, I want to build a 18df hexapod that is powered by the jetson tx2 board. I have the hexapod built and now researching on which servo driver board to get. Is it better to interface the servo driver board to an arduino and then that to the TX2? Or can I just interface the servo driver board directly to the TX2?

Lastly what resources are there for the jetson TX2 to program walking gaits whether its interfacing through an arduino to the servo driver board or from the tx2 directly to the servo driver board.

Thank you for your help!

Hi vvu1026

the Jetson Nano Jetbot project (hosted here: is using the Adafruit FeatherWing DCMotor/Stepper board which is controlled via I2C. Maybe this can give you an idea of how to build your servo controls interfaced via I2C.