How to loop animation


I have imported an animated character from CC4. The animation of the walking character is about 120 frames long. When I start the simulation, the character stops walking after 120 frames. How can I make the animation repeat in a loop? I do not want to limit the end time in the timeline.


Hi! Just right clip the asset seq at timeline and select duplicate:
Animation work is designed to do mostly with Machinima:

Pekka Varis

How would I do this in Isaac Sim? Besides simulated robots, I need some animated characters.

Sorry I do not know about Isaac Sim, I am just machinima guy…

This method works for animated characters like Reallusion´s Character Creator + motions on them.

Thanks. I just installed Machinima and it works. Unfortunately I need this in Isaac and even though the sequencer is available in Isaac Sim as an extension, I cannot get any animated character from Reallusion in there.

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I am trying to get help in the Isaac Forum.

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