Having a short looping animation inside of a longer animation

I would like to have a short 24fps looping animation inside of a longer animation.

Flashing lights with a cycle of 96frames looped (I have three variations of this )
the flashing is a cycle on the Emissive intensity0-5000

I am trying to use the lights in a bigger scene that has a total of 4320frames

My Problem is the lights stop flashing after the 96 frames.
How can this be resolved either with or without using Omnigraph?

any help would be appreciated

Thanks Ryno

So you are wanting to loop the 96 frames infinity. I understand. I will find out and get back to you.

Yes, please

Ok so it’s actually pretty straight forward. There are some keyframe options that allow for different behaviors, one of which is “cycle”, which should loop. There is also “linear” which should repeat forever. Subtle difference. Play around with these options and see which one works best for your needs.

Thank you very much this is working.
I didn’t know about the ability to “cycle”
It is also great that this option is available for the start and end of the animation.

These options were hidden/obscured because I had my “Property” window too wide and my screen width hid the additional options.