How to make a custom robot follow a NURBS curve path using inverse kinematics

I want to make the platform of this “cherry picker” machine follow a specific trajectory without colliding with a wall. I was able to create a basic animation using Rhino and its Bongo inverse kinematics solver, but due to the limitations of this software, the machine has some unrealistic movements and there is no collision detection to prevent it from touching the wall, as shown in this video.

To overcome these limitations I have already created a robot with joints on Isaac Sim, with angular and linear drives for visualizing the motion of the joints:

Consequently, I would like to ask:

  • How can I import into Omniverse the NURBS curve of the path followed by the platform (i.e., the magenta dashed lines), so that I can use it in Isaac Sim to generate the same motion? I ask because I think Omniverse or its Rhino Connector have limitations for importing curves, and I don’t know how to program the robot to follow the curve path.
  • Which inverse kinematics and collision detection tools would you recommend me to use (i.e., Motion Generation, Lula, cuRobo, etc.)? For this, please take into account that my knowledge of Python is limited, so it would be easier for me if I could stay working in a 3D modelling / visual scripting environment (i.e., using OmniGraph for programming instead of writing Python code).

If helpful, here you can download the robot’s USD and Rhino models. Thanks in advance!