How to export a NURBS curve into Omniverse from Rhino

I have a model made of a wall (gray extrusion) and a NURBS curve (magenta dashed lines). When I export the Rhino model on the right window using Omniverse Connector (with the “Publish Model as Project to Omniverse” dialog), only the extrusion appears in Omniverse (left window).

These are the settings that I am using:

How can I properly export the NURBS curve so that I can further use it in Omniverse?

If helpful, here you can download the Rhino model: Wall and NURBS curve.3dm.

Thanks in advance!

@victor.ramirez my experience is curve isn’t currently supported with OV/USD from other DCCs, so i presume you’d have to mesh it first or turn it into a surface before exporting. i will let the mods/devs confirm this, though.

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