Make robot become attached to target Xform using "Motion Path" extension and OmniGraph

Using the “Motion Path” extension, I managed to make this Cube follow a simple test path defined by a BasisCurves object. The Cube becomes attached to the “Target” Xform, which is the object that has the BasisCurves set as its Motion Curve.

How can I make the platform of the cherry picker machine become attached to the Target too, so that it can also perform the simple motion while keeping all the joints of the machine connected? I would like to do this in OmniGraph if possible using Isaac Sim’s inverse kinematics, but unfortunately I don’t find any tutorials or documentation that I could use as a guide.

When I place the platform as a nested object inside the Xform, it becomes detached from the rest of the cherry picker and starts moving, floating in mid-air:

Lastly, I deleted all the drives of the joints, but when I run the simulation the prismatic joints of the cherry picker start moving as if their linear drives were still active. How can I fix this? This is how the drives were moving before I deleted them:

In advance, thanks for your attention!

I forgot to attach the .USD file; here it is: Cherry picker.usd