How to make a low-level system debug on the xavier NX development kit


I am trying to port SEL4 to the NX platform and when I started the SEL4 image with cboot, SEL4 crashed in very early stage (probably during the “__start” process). The console is not accessible at this point, so I want to try using JTAG adapter to debug the SEL4.

Is there any suggestions on JTAG adapter hardware (e.g. J-Link) for Xavaier and the steps for debugging ? Whether relevant documentation are available?


Suggest using DSTREAM for it.

Thank you for your reply:

I have checked the documentation of the NX development kit, but it seems that the external interface does not have JTAG, where can I find this interface

The procurement cycle of DSTREAM is too long, is there any other alternative?

Sorry, I’m still a newcomer in this field, and don’t have a good understanding of some basic operations and methods. Could you please give a more specific description?

Sorry to tell XNX don’t have JTAG pin out.

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