How to make the openVR application detect what type of VR device is connecting to the CloudXR server?

I would like to know how to make the openVR application (I’m developing) detect the type of connecting VR device when steaming? And I want to accomplish the feature of changing the controller model by using different VR devices. Thank you!

OpenVR on the server should have some API to get the controller or HMD name – I’m not familiar enough with OpenVR to say what precise API that is though.

As for changing controller model, that’s currently all internal to SteamVR. if it knows what device/controller you are using (it has a set it knows about), it will try to load up the models that match.

HOWEVER… do note that at this time, we don’t support disconnecting one type of device/headset, and then reconnecting with a different device, without potential issues. We cache information about the HMD+controllers upon first-run-first-connect, and that’ currently then locked in until the server is restarted. So that might be the issue you are running into, can’t tell from short description.