CloudXR client SDK for custom sensor addition

Facing issues with Client SDK for custom sensor addition

Hi @vinodh1
Could you please elaborate a bit more on the issue?
What sensors you are trying to add and what kind of error you are currently facing while using client SDK?
If possible, could you please share some logs as well.


Sure, we will elaborate more. Currently discussing with tech team for more details. Thanks for your quick response.

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Hi @SunilJB ,

I am describing the problem as follows.

We are using windows Client for Cloud-XR setup. On Client, we are using or own PC-VR HMD AjnaLite-2 and for hand-held tool we are using are custom trackers similar to vive trackers.
Now when we connect Client HMD to Cloud-XR server, our custom tracker is able to send pose values to cloud-XR server and we are even able to see those movements. But when trigger is clicked from tracker, cloud-XR client (on steam VR) can detect those triggers, but Cloud-XR server (on steam VR) cannot detect those triggers.

Also, P.S - On Cloud XR server (on steam VR) any type of controller or tracker is mapped to Vive Controllers only. In the above mentioned scenario too, Cloud-XR server detects our custom tracker as Vive Controller only.

Hi @user157844 and @vinodh1
You can try to emulate supported devices on your client, for e.g. you can translate your controller buttons to Vive buttons.
This is done in the htc sample client as well to translate vive focus controller input to oculus quest 2 input.
You can refer to this sample code and let us know in case of any further issues.