Steam VR can not start anymore without Client Descriptor

I just wanted to get the client descriptor for a new device as described in int documentation. (NVIDIA CloudXR Server — NVIDIA CloudXR SDK documentation)

The problem is that SteamVR always crashes now when I want to start it without a client descriptor.

Googling that error messages I only find solutions like replug your headset but nothing that would fit to a cloud xr setup. Any idea how to fix that crash or any other way to get the client descriptor for a new headset?

This typically is an OpenVR error that only appears when a VR application launches, starts using the OpenVR APIs which in turn starts SteamVR, but doesn’t have a HMD connected. There must be some other application trying to execute in the background loading SteamVR. Normally, if you open SteamVR alone it doesn’t invoke the OpenVR API and would sit idle. Can you double check if there’s something happening with a 3rd party app? If you also disable the CloudXR Plugin within Steam’s third-party settings, what happens?

Hi, I have an assumption which open vr process could be running. We also just saw that actually the error message seems to not be a problem as we can still connect with a quest 2. Only using our Pico 4 we can not connect somehow, but I think then the problem there has to be on the client side. Thank you!

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