How to modify the blast to create the effect of rock breakage which is cut by shearer

As you can see in the picture, the rock is cut by the shearer, while the shape of rock is affected by the cutter. I have tried the blast extension, but the mesh of rock could not change according to the cutter, they just fell down and broke. Are there any ideas?

Hi Wayne,
Yes I understand what you are trying to achieve, with this effect. Did the pieces fall down on their own, with gravity, or on contact with the blade ? The way to do this, is to fracture the surface of the rock face, using the blast extension, but not allow them to fall with gravity, until the blade makes contact. The blade needs to act, like a gravity trigger and displacer at the same time.

However, I would have to find out exactly how to do this.

Thank you for your advice! It was a little difficult to use Blast to simulate this scene, because the force when the shearer roller contacts the coal wall is really hard to control. So, at this time, I just created a lot of coal blocks and made a collision detection, then when the roller cut the coal, the small block was just invisible.

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