How to open up .py files within headless setup

Within this youtube tutorial, there is a part in the video where he opens up a .py file to start coding. He is able to pull these files up because he is not using a headless setup. Is there a way for me to be able to open and access this file while being in headless mode?


Him with the .py file open

Hi @andrewxn3, you could use a terminal-based text editor like nano/vi/vim, or personally I use MobaXTerm and notepad++ to do my daily coding over SSH.

Also, when you are running without a display attached to your Jetson, you will want to use RTP to view the video remotely:

Is there any benefits of using one of the terminal-based text editors over the other? I am on a macbook so I am not sure I am able to use some of these editors.

Also do you have any of the download links I could use or a tutorial to set up these terminal-based text editors as I am not familiar with the resources.

Personally, I just use the nano editor because it’s simple to use. You can install it with sudo apt-get install nano

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Do you know how to create a data set through nano? I am planning to first create my own data set full of images in my computer that I will eventually use.

If you are referring to an image classification dataset, those are easy because those are just a set of folders with images in them, where each folder corresponds to an image class (like shown in the directory structure here). So you can just organize the images from the command line or on your PC.

If you wanted to annotate an object detection dataset, then I would recommend using a tool like CVAT to do that, then export it to Pascal VOC format from CVAT.

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