How to reflash a cloned image of the SSD on Xavier NX development kit


We recently started to migrate our code and tools from the TX2 to the Xavier NX development kit with an SSD drive. After some minor struggle, we were able to set everything up properly. However, we are still unsure on how to reflash a clone image of the SSD disk onto the jetson. On TX2, we were able to choose between flashing a fresh image or an old cloned image.

On our robot, as per how the Xavier NX is mounted we cannot unmount and reflash the SSD drive alone. We are interested to know how to reflash the Xavier NX using the USB-C port with a cloned image. is not able to flash anything to external drive. You need to use initrdflash.

Thank you so much for the reply. Do the script support any special arguments in order not to generate a fresh system image and to flash reusing the old cloned image, like the -r argument of script?

There is a “flash_only” option in the script.

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