How to save frame as jpg and send the filename to kafka in deepstream 5.0 deepstream_test5

You would need to add custom metadata. Please refer to the sample:

@prerana5626 As the pipeline image shows, dsexample is not before the msgconv by default, so you can’t receive the frame_image. You can move dsexample bin to the right position.

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I have the same problem. imwrite cause crash…

The same code i use deepstream-app works well, but use deepstream-test5 cause crash. when save the image.

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

Hello, I tried to add a new callback function, but I can’t distinguish the stream frame. What should I do

This is where I add the callback function, because I don’t know exactly where the callback function should be added

I am using test5, and I want to save frame img, which place should I put these code ?

Hi DaneLLL,
I did’t find the function tracking_done_buf_prob() you mentioned in Saving frame with detected object [Jetson Nano, DS4.0.2] - #3 by DaneLLL

As I am using deepstream-test5 (deepstream 5.1) , I want to save frame image. I can get the batchmeta and framemata from “bbox_generated_probe_after_analytics ()” . can you tell me how to use this code? how can I get “*dsexample” ?

static gint dump = 0;
if (dump < 150) {
char filename[64];
snprintf(filename, 64, “/tmp/image%03d.jpg”, dump);
cv::imwrite(filename, *dsexample->cvmat);

Please create a new topic for clearness. Thanks.

hi DaneLLL, thanks for your quick response, a new topic is created here: