How to scale the frequency of DRAM on AGX Xavier manually? Is it possible?

Hi all,

I am doing research on the power-efficient inference nn model recently. And the inference might cause abundant memory accesses. However, I cannot find a way to modulate the frequency of lpddr4x on AGX Xavier as the CPU or GPU does. Is there a way to modulate the frequency of lpddr4x manually? The answer will be really helpful to me. Thanks first!

Please refer to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Clock Frequency and Power Management | NVIDIA Docs, that’s the way we suggested for power and performance efficiency.

Hi kayccc,

Sorry! I forgot to mention that I have reached this site before I asked this question. Fortunately, you brought me back to find out some information that I had not noticed before. I thought that the EMC frequency scaling only supports eMMC frequency scaling. It turns out that it can scale the DRAM frequency which is what I want in the fist place. Thanks.
The following is what I missed.

Additionally, BSP implements EMC frequency scaling, which is dynamic frequency scaling for the memory controller (EMC/MC) and DRAM. This is a critical power saving feature that requires tuning and characterization for each new printed circuit board design.

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