How to set CSI camera back to IMX219

Dear Sir,

I installed JP 5.1.1 (R35.3.1) on an Orin Nano, and then, setup the CSI camera to IMX477 by using utility, and reboot the Orin Nano to test IMX477 camera.

After that, I want to setup the CSI camera back to IMX219 for testing IMX219 camera, but I find there are 2 options only in the menu of utility, “Configure Jetson 24pin CSI Connector” → “Configure for compatible hardware”:

Camera IMX477 Dual
Camera IMX477 Dual 4 Lane

There is no option to setup the CSI camera to IMX219, may I learn from you how to setup the CSI camera back to IMX219 on Orin Nano with JP 5.1.1?


hello chengang1,

sorry, we cannot reproduce this issue locally.

are you using the rbpcv2-imx219, rbpcv3-imx477 camera modules?
please have a try to reinstall the Jetpack release, you may also setup a terminal for running $ dmesg --follow to catch suspicious failures.

Thanks Jerry, the problem goes away after the JetPack 5.1.1 is reinstalled, 2 more options are shown in the menu of for setting up the CSI camera, one option “Camera IMX219 Dual” is shown, and it could be used to set CSI camera to IMX219 now.

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