How to set ”Default Per Unit" value as Millimeter and set as default


I want to confirm whether this is supported configuration or no.

I want to set “Default Meters Per Unit” as “0.001” because we use system unit scale of 3ds Max as Millimeters.
In addition, if we treat CAD data like SolidWorks, we need Millimeter unit scale.

We can set unit value from “Default Meters Per Unit” in Preferences > Stage menu but
we can set until 0.01 in this menu and we cannot input number directly.
So we cannot set “0.001” from Preferences.

But we can enter values from “Property” of Layer. ( Meters Per Unit )
If we set “Meters Per Unit” as “0.001” in here, we can use Millimeter but this cannot be set as default.


We tried to modify value in “.\data\Kit\Create.Next\2022.2\user.config.json”.
We set “defaultMetersPerUnit”: 0.001,".


Then, “Default Meters Per Unit” parameter in Preferences is shown as “0.001”.
( Of course once we change this value from scroll bar, we cannot set 0.001 again… )

And it looks unit scale is handled as Millimeter.

Is this supported configuretion or not supported way from the point of view of user support?

In addition, in case of Omniverse View, we cannot use Layer feature so what we can do
is that modify user.config.json.
( Sorry View is another category but I mention here. )


  • OS : Window s10 Pro
  • Create : 2022.2.0 Beta
  • Create : 2022.1.5
    ( confirmed by both version )

Best Regards.


Masahiro Suzuoki