Default Meters Per Unit - Setting for imports from Houdini

Hi there,

I’m testing out the SideFX Houdini connector for Omniverse. The first thing that I seem to run into is that USD scenes from Houdini come into Omniverse as too small. Omniverse’s standard cube - which I assume is 1 x 1 x 1m is huge compared to the cube that I’ve imported via USD from Houdini.

I stumbled across the “Default Meters Per Unit” setting under Preferences/Stage. Setting this from the default “0.01” to “1.0” means that the cube that is coming in from Houdini now matches the default cube inside Omniverse.

So all is great, but I’d like to know, if this is the proper way to go about these scene scales, or if I’m causing trouble elsewhere doing this. Thanks for letting me know :-)

Looks like I spoke too soon :-D I’ve now imported an animated USD and once again the geometry imports super tiny - compared to Omniverse Create’s default cube. What is the problem here? Would be really great, if my imports from Houdini would match what I get inside of Create.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :-)

It is hard to be sure, but I think you have to make sure you are working in correct scale and units across the board. For example in SideFX, make sure you are working in cm, or meters, and do the same in Create. It may take some trial and error. However, you can easily scale things up and down with the scale overrides if you have to. Just try to make sure things are as consistent as possible across all of the software you are using. If you have specific examples you want to post here, we can take a look.