Not able to transform point-instanced USD exported from Houdini

Hi, I have a fairly complex USD file that I have exported from Houdini in USD format. The USD is using USD point instancing (instancing ~20,000 objects in the scene). I am unable to transform (move, scale, rotate) the object successfully. Applying a top level transform will transform the prototypes, but it is not transforming the template points. So, basically, what I see when scaling up the object is that the instances scale, but the reference points that they are copied to do not scale. Am I missing something, or is this an oversight/incomplete part of Omniverse at the moment?

Hi, do you mean that when you author an ancestral transform, you see it affect the prototype geometry, but not the individual instances whose PointInstancer prim has a “prototypes” relationship pointing to the prototype geometry or a subhierarchy that encompasses that prototype geometry? I’m confused, as in one sentence you state that the template points are not affected, but in the next sentence, you state that the instances are scaling.

I’m not sure which version of Create you are on, but I believe the latest Create has a feature in which you can toggle the Viewport renderer to Storm (Pixar’s GL renderer). If that’s not available in your install, there should be a omni.create.hdstorm.bat executable that you can invoke to launch Create with a Storm viewport. Can you try your scene with Storm? That would help us isolate whether the issue is specific to our RTX pipeline.

If there’s a stripped down version of your scene along with repro steps that you can share, that would also be very helpful in isolating the issue you are describing. Thanks!

Hi Aluk,

I will create a quick video capture showing the issue tonight, and I’ll see if I can get this into a sharable stripped down file for you. Thank you very much for the response.


Hi Aluk, are you able to watch this video which shows the problem. First, I show the attempt to scale my USD file in Omniverse. You should see that the instance prototypes scale, but the template points to which they are copied do not. Then, I show the same transformation happening correctly inside Houdini.

Also, I did try and start up Omniverse with the storm batch file, and it just caused the application to hang during RTX startup, and I had to force quit out. I am on Windows, using > minimum driver (2 NVIDIA 2080 cards installed)

Thanks Adam, I believe that both issues have been fixed and will be available in the next release of Kit. But if you are able to share an asset, we can verify on our side with the latest builds. Cheers~

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