Exporting Instancing in Nodegraphs to USD

Hi, I’m trying to export instanced meshes to USD for importing into Omniverse. According to the linked post, it seems that this should be supported, but the instanced rock scatter in the attached blend files don’t come over. I’ve examined the .usda file, and it seems that the transforms are saved, but the mesh reference for each of the instances is empty. Is this an issue with the geonode graph that we are using for instancing or something else? Thanks!

minimal_scatter.blend (8.8 MB)


@dy2617 just another user here, but hopefully you don’t mind me inquiring whether you are using the 3.6 alpha USD branch; and if you are, the version are you using?

I have tested both on Blender 3.6 LTS and the latest 3.6 alpha USD branch, neither work. I am aware that realizing the mesh will allow me to export too, but being able to use instancing would be much preferred.

Alright, this is going to sound strange, but I noticed that the last node in your geometry nodes chain on the Scatter object is Set Shade Smooth. At least on my machine, I noticed that removing that node allows for the exports to come through. I’m not sure why this fixes it, and I’ll investigate, but I recommend when instancing to not put any processing nodes after the instances-- just have them connected to the output.