Instancing support by using a simple "Duplicated Linked"

Hey everone,

I came accross this topic :

By inspecting my USDA test file, I can confirm this way of instancing things works. Thank you :)

I even tested instancing using a static particles system (the old one with “Physics Type” setted to “None”, not with geometry nodes) and even if the instanced objects are not at the right place, I can see them !

But I also tested a simple “Duplicated link” (Alt+D) in Blender to share a shape between objects. And by inspecting the USDA File, I can see the mesh description twice. No instancing at all :)

Can you confirm it’s not implemented, yet ?

Thank you !

Thanks for reporting this, @Francois_Grassard. I was able to reproduce and have opened an internal ticket for this bug. We will investigate this issue. We very much appreciate the feedback and testing!

Thank you very much for your feedback !
All our 3D pipeline rely on USD, so all your work is really usefull for us.
You can count on me for a lot of feedback :)

Hi guys !
Any update about this request ?

I download the lastest (November 8th) Blender USD Build here:

And it’s still not there AFAIK.

Thank you !

Hi Francois,

Unfortunately this is not yet supported. The recommended experimental workflow is to use Collection Instancing through Empties.

Is your workflow very heavily using Duplicate Linked for your instancing method?