Instancing in Create

I know you can set a prim to be ‘instancable’ in Create but I was wondering if there were any built in workflows for actually making use of the instancing feature more significantly? (or anything planned)

eg if I have a point cloud (or even mesh verts), some sort of way of attaching instances to those (like a simple version of the scatter sop in Houdini I guess)

I noticed the View app has a nice paint instancing tool - is there a chance that might get added to create?

looking at the OmniGraph component - maybe a way to do this via python?

In the extension manager, there is a Surface Instancer extension that allows you to instance objects on the surface of other objects, like trees, grass.

In future versions, there will be a node graph way to do this.

Also, since its an extension in python, you can edit it, learn how to make USD point instancing

cool - thanks for the reply - coincidentally I had just stumbled across that same extension tonight! :)