xformOp:scale Missing from USD Error in Omniverse Create from Houdini

I am using Omniverse connect for houdini (v102.4.0) with Houdini version 19.5.682. Exporting the usd from houdini via the USD ROP from omniverse works, and is viewable in the USD Presenter app, but when importing into omniverse create, there is an erorr reporting the file is missing xformOp:scale. I am new to USD, so I am wondering if this is an issue someone has run into or has an answer for.

Thank you!

@zakkatara i am just another OV user, and would like to know more about your situation:

  1. what version of Composer are you using?
  2. have you tried it with other exports and confirmed it’s a persistent issue?
  3. would it be possible to upload the USD so the devs/mods can try to repro?